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HiQSDR shielded case

To protect the HiQSDR, use a shielded case that is 102 mm wide, 112 mm long and 30 mm high.
This case can be built using a standard EU tinplate case 102mmx162mmx30mm from Otto Schubert Gehaeuse No.11
The side panels and the top cover need to be shortened. A cover is required only on the top.
On the bottom side, the heat spreader from the ultra low noise supply should be mounted on a heat sink.

Mechanical Drawing of SMA and RJ45 connector as PDF
Mechanical Drawing of preselector ribbon cable panel cut-out as PDF
Mechanical Drawing of power and external control panel cut-out as PDF

Positions of the holes to mount the HiQSDR to a heat sink or a plate.
Print out the drawing in full size - this makes it easier to transfer the holes.

Mechanical Drawing showing the positions of the holes as PDF