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(Option for MF)
(Under Construction)
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== NAVTEX-Test on MF ==
== Under Constuction ==
Received Signal on MF.<br>
Deep Path Flter.<br>
Quisk and Fldigi.
See Test from DK7FC.

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This site contains some user experiments and tests

RX-Test WSPR on MF

Test HiQ on MF to Receive some WSPR Signals.


Antenna is Mini Whip (PA0RDT) Version: Homebrew.

DG3MDE Herbert

Under Constuction

Deep Path Flter.


DG3MDE Herbert

First impressions of UDP programming to control the HiQSDR

My first test to control the HiQSDR with Windows and Visual Express 2010 to write an UDP class to build an extio.dll.

On this pictures you see the network scan with the network packages to the HiQSDR and the answers from HiQSDR.

I am not a software developer and a friend is helping me, thanks Matze for all your teaching and help.

best 73' de DG7MGY Hubert