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The Module "HiQSDR" is the main module of a full digital "Digital Direct Conversion" DDC Transceiver
who works in the frequency range from 40 KHz up to 62 MHz
and has all functions of a complete software defined DDC/DUC transceiver.

This modern, pioneering transceiver project was developed by Jim, N2ADR
and further developed to this HiQSDR by DB1CC on a multilayer SMT-PCB.

The HiQSDR circuit and the firmware are based on the concept from James Ahlstrom N2ADR.
James N2ADR and Helmut DB1CC put his concept under the Open Source licence and .
(GPLv2 or later and crative-commons license Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike)

The firmware source and the circuit drawing you will find it HiQSDR-Firmware and HiQSDR-Circuit