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The Module "HiQSDR" is the main module of a full digital "Digital Direct Conversion" DDC Transceiver
who works in the frequency range from 40 KHz up to 62 MHz
and has all functions of a complete software defined DDC/DUC transceiver.

This modern, pioneering transceiver project was developed by Jim, N2ADR
and further developed to this HiQSDR by DB1CC on a multilayer SMT-PCB.

The HiQSDR circuit and the firmware are based on the concept from James Ahlstrom N2ADR.
James N2ADR and Helmut DB1CC put his concept under the Open Source licence.
(GPLv2 or later and crative-commons license Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike)

The firmware source and the circuit drawing you will find it HiQSDR-Firmware and HiQSDR-Circuit