HiQTRX-10 Enclosure

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Enclosure for the HiQSDR Modules to hold all modules and parts needed for a full digital 10W-QRP-Transceiver, called the "HiQTRX-10". Black powder coated aluminium case with removable top to get better access to all built in parts.

HiQTRX-10 Aluminium case

The HiQTRX-10 enclosure is a professional, rugged enclosure made of die-cast aluminum profiles, black powder coated..
It has a separate front and rear plate also made of black powder coated die-cast aluminium.

The front/rearplate has a coloured seal (black,red,blue,yellow,green) and are screwed to the enclosure profiles..
The enclosure profile is divided into two parts, a top and a bottom profile to gain easy access to the parts inside..

All modules are mounted on a massive CNC milled 8mm aluminium base plate, it is very easy to mount all modules to the slide-in base..
The very rugged design and the very good heat spreading and dissipating behaviour of the enclosure allows the design to be complete fanless..
It can be operated without problems over a longe period of time..

For the version with LCD and VFO-Knob on the front panel, the optional HiQGPIO module is needed..
This unit controls the LCD, VFO Input and adds analog and digital inputs..
The board also controls the comunication to HiQSDR-FPGA via a very fast serial link..

Also available is a DC-Controller..
This PCB holds the DC input connector with RF-Filters and a switching logic for the ON-Button..

Mounting plate

Slide-In mounting plate made of 8mm aluminium, CNC milled with all holes and taps to mount all HiQSDR Modules: HiQSDR, Preselector, MPPA, low-noise switching controller for HiQSDR, DC-Controller and optional TX-Filter.

All modules are mounted on a 8mm aluminium mounting plate. This mounting plate and the very rugged aluminium enclosure protects the HiQSDR and guarantees the perfect cooling of all parts during operation.

The mounting procedure is very easy: just screw the modules to the mounting posts in the base plate. Mount the preselector with MPPA to the oppsite side. After soldering the power cables and plugging in the flat-cables and SMA-connections, the HIQTRX-10 is ready to operate!

The complete baseplate with all modules is slided into the enclosure and fixed with screws.

...results in the complete HiQTRX-10 full digital 10W transceiver.


HiQTRX-10 with standard or with extended LCD/"VFO"-Knob Frontplate. (LCD and VFO-Knob option needs module HiQGPIO)

For the HiQTRX are two different frontpanels available:

  • Standard panel to operate direct via the PC
  • Frontpanel with a LCD-Display for status-messages and an optional "VFO"-knob for frequency selections. (needs module HiQGPIO)

This "VFO"-knob is realised by a very smooth operated magnetic incremental encoder with 256 steps/revolution.
To use this options you need the HiQGPIO module and the encoder parts additionally.

Encoder HiQTRX.png


The Rearplate holds all necessary holes and connectors.


Front and rear-plates there are printed self adhesive foils.

Technical Information

CAD-Files from HiQTRX-10 Enclosure and his equipment: