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HiQSDR MPPA medium power PA

The HiQSDR Medium Power PA with an output PEP of 8-10 Watts PEP can be directly plugged into the HiQSDR Preselector Board.

HiQSDR MPPA 8-10 Watts amplifier module

  • The HiQSDR MPPA is universally designed and can be used as separate driver for bigger amplifiers as well as a universal QRP PA.
  • The Board is designed, to have all signal traces on TOP of the PCB.
  • The Bottom of PCB is completely grounded and can be mounted directly to a heatsink or a heat spreader to dissipate the exess heat.
  • The HiQSDR MPPA is very flexible and operates from normal available 12..13.8 Volts power supply (needs current up to 2 Amps).
  • The high gain of the dual staged push-pull amplifier design has a gain of >36dB and allows input signals as low as 0dB to produce up to 10 Watts PEP.
  • The IP3 of the Amplifier is excellent: at 7.1MHz is the IP3 > -41dBc (!).
  • The MPPA is a broadband, class AB highly linear amplifer and allows operation from 1 MHz up to 62 MHz.
  • The input and output impedance is 50 Ohm.
  • Built-in attenuator allows adaption to driving power (standard attenuator is for use with HiQSDR)
  • The MPPA is save against shorts and open output for a limited time, but needs cooling.
  • The power supply is 12..13.8 Volt DC, max. 2 Amps.
  • In both push-pull stages, modern RF field-effect transitors from Mitsubishi are used, driver is 2x RD01MUS2 second stage is 2x RD07MVS1 types.

The MPPA is optimized by DL2EWN, thank you for your work, time and effort!

This medium power module MPPA are available from Technologie2000 MPPA

HiQSDR MPPA 8-10 Watts amplifier module