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HIQSDR a Software Defined Radio Transceiver

The Module "HiQSDR" is the main module of a full digital "Digital Direct Conversion" DDC transceiver that operates from 30kHz up to 62MHz and has all functions of a complete software defined DDC/DUC transceiver. This modern, pioneering transceiver concept was developed by Jim Ahlstrom, N2ADR and further developed to the "HiQSDR" Project by Helmut Goebkes, DB1CC on a multilayer SMT-PCB.

This project will be expanded in the future by additional modules to result in a complete, fully digital transceiver.


  • HiQTRX-10 Enclosure is available. Complete enclosures, parts and plans are available, see HiQTRX-10_Enclosure
  • 100 Watt smart PA Module with all safety circuits and low pass filters, controlled by HiQSDR interface(HiPPA) - see info

Assembled and tested Board V2.4t

Assembled and tested Board V2.4t

<gallery caption="HiQSDR Enclosure" widths="300px" heights="200px" perrow="3"> File:WEB HiQTRX10 Case narrow.JPG|HiQTRX-10 with LCD front panel.
File: WEB HiQTRX10 back.JPG|HiQTRX-10 from the rear side, opened.