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HIQSDR a Software Defined Radio Transceiver

The Module "HiQSDR" is the main module of a full digital "Digital Direct Conversion" DDC transceiver that operates from 30kHz up to 62MHz and has all functions of a complete software defined DDC/DUC transceiver. This modern, pioneering transceiver concept was developed by Jim Ahlstrom, N2ADR and further developed to the "HiQSDR" Project by Helmut Goebkes, DB1CC on a multilayer SMT-PCB.

This project has additional modules to result in a complete, fully digital transceiver.


  • Experiences from Alex_DL1KDA in German about remote PTT Footswitch, 10Ghz, Rainscatter HiQSDR-Makersite
  • CW Delay Settings with Quisk and DL2STG Firmware hint from Alex DL1KDA HiQSDR-Hints
  • External remote footswitch hint from Alex DL1KDA HiQSDR-Hints
  • HiQTRX-10 Enclosure is available. Complete enclosures, parts and plans are available, see HiQTRX-10_Enclosure
  • 100 Watt smart PA Module with all safety circuits and low pass filters, controlled by HiQSDR interface(HiPPA)
    - Hardware and Software under construction. Infos follows.
  • HiQSDR Maker-Site : Homebrew around HiQ.

The HISDR Modules are complex electronic parts and not intended to be used by a novice user!
Assembling and operating HiQSDR modules assumes that the user has enough electronic skill
to understand the function of the Modules used as well as related measuring equipment.
To own and use high frequency generating modules needs a government license
or amateur radio license! Please pay attention to your countrys law!

Die HIQSDR Module sind komplexe elektronische Baugruppen und sind nicht für Anfänger geeignet!
Der Zusammenbau und Betrieb der Module erfordert ein gewisses Mindestmaß an elektronischen Know-How
und das Verständnis für die Funktionsweise der Module sowie entsprechende Messgeräte.
Zum Besitz und Betrieb Hochfrequenz erzeugender Baugruppen wie dem HiQSDR ist eine entsprechene
Erlaubnis der Behörden notwendig. Bitte beachten Sie die entsprechenden Gesetze Ihres Landes!

Assembled and tested Board V2.4t

Assembled and tested Board V2.4t