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HiQSDR Preselector Filter Curves

Band Filter calculation

All filter calculations are done with the professional Filter design program "Filter Solutions 2012" from NUSOFT and verified and simulated with the AADE-Filter designer and practically tested with a HP 8752A Network analyser.
The match between theory and pratical filter behaviour was nearly 99% (!)

The following pictures and simulations are done with QucsStudio from Michael Margraf DD6UM.

QucsStudio is mainly a circuit simulator that has evolved out of the project Qucs, but isn't compatible with it.
The simulation engine is even a complete new one.
It's meant be be a test project to create a complete development environment for electrical engineers.
QucsStudio is free software that is allowed to be used and distributed freely.
More information on the QucsStudio Website

Note: Not all simulations yield the same results, they differ slightly

30m Filter curve HP 8752A Network Analyser

30m Filter curve QucsStudio

Filter curves

Filter curves schematic QucsStudio

It is good to carry out simulations also with the AADE filter designer.
QucsStudio are easy to handle but it calculate with ideal coils and so it differ on higher frequency.

Please use "Save as" to save the QucsStudio .sch files.

[6m Ladder filter]
[10m Ladder filter]
[12m Ladder filter]
[15m Ladder filter]
[17m Chebyshev filter]
[20m Chebyshev filter]
[30m Chebyshev filter]
[40m Chebyshev filter]
[80m Chebyshev filter]
[160m Chebyshev filter]
[40m Cauer filter]
[80m Cauer filter]

AADE Filter designer and wine

To run the AADE Filter designer with linux install wine.
Wine is a free MS-Windows API implementation.
As next install winetricks a package manager for WINE to install software easily.
Now install with winetricks the followed packages.

winetricks comctl32ocx vb3run vb4run vcrun6 mfc40 msscript vcrun2005 wsh57