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HiQSDR Preselector / Filter Module

The HiQSDR Preselector module is a additional module for the HiQSDR DDC/DUC Transceiver but can also universally used for preselection of any other SDR TRX because all filters are switched by digital inputs on a single connector.

Also has the Preselector connectors to varius plugable amplifier modules.
One of the amplifier module are a 1 Watt Linear Amplifier from German Funkamateur Shop 1W Linear Amplifier BX-202 developed from Harald DL2EWN.

A medium power amplifier HiQSDR Medium Power PA (MPPA) with about 8-10 Watt output are specialy developed for the HiQSDR from Harald DL2EWN. This medium power module MPPA are aviable from Technologie2000 MPPA

Both amplifier modules are directly plugable to the preselector board.

HiQSDR Preselector shielded case with the MPPA 8-10 Watt amplifier module. HiQSDR Presel ShieldCase with MPPA.jpg

HiQSDR Preselector shielded case. HiQSDR Presel ShieldCase BOT.jpg

The HiQSDR holds all logik parts needed to control band filter switching, RX/TX sequencing and the power control for a driver or small PA Module which can be plugged directly into the HiQSDR preselector module.

Also, a ultra-low-noise preamplifier from Analog Devices (10/15dB) can be digitally fed in.

HiQSDR Preselector Board TOP Presel TOP Small.jpg

The preselector module has separate RX and TX SDR connections (SMA) and can be connected directly to the HiQSDR or any other SDR.

At the antenna side of the module, two separate connections are available.
An antenna connector, wich is directly controlled from a digital PTT Signal and two separate SMA connectors for separate RX and TX connectors.

Each filter module can select the used connection by setting a solder bridge.
This allows a band filter selective use of special preamplifers or PAs.

The Preselector module can hold up to twelve digital selectable filter modules.
All Filter modules and RF signals are switched by the excellent RF relays HF3-56 from AXICOM.

HiQSDR Preselector Board Bottom Presel BOT Small.jpg

The board is constructed as a multilayer PCB, all RF connections are layouted as 50 ohm striplines (if applicable).

The separate RX input connection has the option to supply current limited 12V to external preamps.