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HiQSDR Preselector Software configuration

To use the Preselector with Quisk and the preselector filter boards, you need to edit your

We have 12 possible filter boards and positions at the HiQSDR-Preselector Board each position was select with 4 bits on X1 connector.

First take the filter boards to the position as shown
Filter board positions

Now we are ready to setup the filters add these lines to your

# If you use the HiQSDR hardware, set these:
# The HiQSDR_BandDict sets the preselect (4 bits) on the X1 connector.
HiQSDR_BandDict = {'160':1, '80':2, '40':3, '30':4, '20':5, '17':6, '15':7, '12':8, '10':9, '6':10, '80X':11, '40X':12 }

The first number '160' are the band and the second number :1 are the filter position.
To see the special filters 80X and 40X at filter position 11 and 12 you have to edit Quisk.