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My name is Hubert Fink and my call sign is DG7MGY i live in southern Germany in Günzburg with Loc. JN58DL
In my spare time I take care of the HiQSDR website.

Hubert Fink DG7MGY

So that individual components can be operated safely, i was looking for a quick and easy solution.
Later, I would buy the right housing with backplane controler from Helmut DB1CC for HiQSDR.

I used an old video player housing to accommodate all components of HiQSDR.
As a base plate and for cooling, I use a 3mm aluminum plate on which I put everything and still have room for the expansion of the 100-watt amplifier.

Here are some pictures from my HiQSDR with 1W amplifier.

HiQSDR with 1 Watt Amplifier

Power is supplied with 12V DC with a fuse and master switch.
The breadboard contains a 12V bay, an DC/DC regulator set to 6,5V and a Patchbay to contact a CW Key / PTT Switch.

Pictures from my HiQSDR with 10 W MPPA amplifier


DG7MGY HiQSDR Front Side DG7MGY HiQSDR Back Side

Hamlib control of HiQSDR with my favorite software:

  • XDX DX Cluster Software
  • XLog Logbook
  • Fldigi Digitalmode
  • Quisk

More at Digitalmode Software

HiQSDR Software

First impressions of UDP programming to control the HiQSDR